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During the years you have performed sports, the risk of a sport-related vascular problem increases with the hours of training. To calculate the hours of sports we need you to fill out the following fields as accurate as possible.

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For the following question, you need to estimate how many hours a week you cycle/ice speed skate on average in your life.

Example: Someone was a competitive cyclist from age 15 to 25. During that period, he cycled an average of 10 hours a week. From the age of 25 to 35 he cycled recreationally for 5 hours a week. So the average of those 20 years in this example is 7.5 hours per week.

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Imagine the following situation:

When you are cycling or skating, you want to push hard to get to your maximum speed. In the beginning this goes well, but if it takes longer you will feel a heaviness in your legs after 30-120 seconds. Your effort continues because you still want to maintain speed but your legs are getting heavier and even more painful. They don't want more and you feel that you can deliver less power with your legs. The complaints can occur in both legs, but they are often more pronounced in one leg. Due to the complaints, you will eventually have to adjust your pace. When you stop the (heavy) effort and continue cycling/skating calmly, the heavy and/or painful and/or powerless feeling in the legs will disappear within 5 minutes. If you then try again to turn on vigorously, everything repeats itself and the complaints are noticeable again after a while.

These complaints actually come back every time with (almost) maximum effort and go away again at rest. Over the years, the symptoms have become increasingly apparent and worsened.

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If you cycle or skate below this speed, you will have virtually no complaints. There are therefore (virtually) no complaints if you cycle/skate at this much lower speed for longer than an hour. The complaints thus have a real 'intensity threshold'.

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Improvement self-check; survey participation

With this self-check we can already make a good estimate based on our current knowledge whether leg complaints are caused by a vascular problem. In the future we want to further optimize this self-check. For this we have prepared a short survey that we would like to present to you when it has become clear what the cause and further course of your complaints has been.

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With the 'More information / Make appointment' button you will leave the selfcheck and will open a new page in which you will be able to make an appointment. Moreover, you will find additional information about sport-related flow-limitations in the iliac artery.

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